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Kory Livingstone & The Fabulous Mercurys

Picture of Kory Livingstone sitting at the piano.

Kory Livingstone

Click on the links to listen to music samples of Kory’s music.

Perfect for your wedding, corporate or private function.

Picture of Kory Livingstone

Dream Harbour


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CD Testimonials
“ I just couldn’t settle down & focus…I put on DREAM HARBOUR and before i knew it I completed eveything”

“ We played it all night long & didn’t want to take it off…my husband agreed ”

“ I play Kory’s CD every day”

…beautiful piano music to melt your worries away

This is an album containing some of the the most beautiful, solo piano music ever created.

I composed & performed DREAM HARBOUR especially for folks likeyou …to help you unwind and relax after a long hard day of work,that has been filled with stress & anxiety.

Put DREAM HARBOUR on as soft background music during dinner or while you’re working at the office, at home, or during any activity where you need a safe, comforting environment …feel therapture in your spirit, body & soul.

Surprisingly enough, I discovered that kids love DREAM HARBOUR just as much as adults do. Why?” Because it satisfies a basic human need to be soothed and comforted.

Daycare professionals play DREAM HARBOUR
when they need to settle children at nap time
or snack time. When children are involved in
a quiet activity that requires concentration,
DREAM HARBOUR helps them focus their
attention on the task at hand, in a settled
and purposeful manner.

DREAM HARBOUR is perfect for people who need an automatic time
keeper when immersed in any activity. The music is divided into 2
sections, of 30 minutes each, and pauses in between sections.

DREAM HARBOUR makes a great gift for adults & kids.
That’s why there are two different album covers, but,
the music is exactly the same on each CD.

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Picture of Kory Livingstone

You Were In My Eyes

8 Brand New songs all written by Kory !

  1. Lock Stock & Barrel
  2. You Were In My Eyes
  3. Love Is A Strange (& sometimes kind of thing)
  4. The Poet
  5. Danger… High Voltage
  6. Day Spring
  7. Trouble In Mind
  8. Speechless

Relax & Enjoy!

“This collection of songs, tells stories about our everyday
life experiences, …the many faces of love; inspirational themes
that help us cope with life in modern society; the power of words,
and of course… love at first sight!”

Picture of The Fabulous Mercurys Album Cover

They Say It’s Wonderful

Classic Jazz Standards
(vocals & instrumentals) ***written by Kory Livingstone

  1. they say it’s wonderful
  2. people will say we’re in love
  3. on the edge***
  4. thou swell
  5. venice***
  6. my romance
  7. just one of those things
  8. nice work if you can get it
  9. daddy’s home


These timeless Jazz stand ards written by the great Broadway
song writers like George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rogers & Hart are
yours to enjoy for years to come.

Picture of The Fabulous Mercurys Album Cover

Kory Livingstone

Eight Original Instrumentals

  1. fresh
  2. everything about you
  3. by your side
  4. the peace within
  5. march past
  6. blue conExion
  7. someday he’ll return
  8. the poet
  9. joy to you

Relax & Enjoy!

Time for romance! Cozy up with your loved one and spend a nice quitet evening together over dinner, in conversation, in love, with these beautiful melodies floating ever so tenderly in the background.

Picture of The Fabulous Mercurys Album Cover

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.
(The musical)


  1. introduction
  2. little billy goat gruff
  3. middle billygoat gruff
  4. the troll
  5. big billy goat gruff
  6. prologue

Theater of the Mind

Kory has turned this great classic fairy tale into
a musical. He has written 8 original songs, including
styles in rap, march, reggae, and rock. He tells this
story in fine dramatic flare that is truly unique to
him. It’s contains a positive message of confidence
building working with others.


picture of the fabulous mercurys dance band performing
Kory’s big dance band, “FABULOUS MERCURYS” plays the greatest hits from every generation…the 50’s, the 60’s, Motown, The Hora, Tarrentella, R & B, R & R, Latin, Swing. Not to loud for your guests, Perfect for corporate functions, weddings and Mitzvahs of any description.Click on the links to listen to music samples of The Fabulous Mercury’s. You will need real player.
Download here.
Picture of The Fabulous Mercurys Album Cover

Dance Party Volume 1

R&B, R&R, Motown favourites
performed by Kory’s dance band…

The Fabulous Mercurys

  1. great balls of fire
  2. give me one reason
  3. blueberry hill
  4. you’re going to miss my love
  5. midnight hour
  6. under the boardwalk
  7. jack she’s on the ball
  8. knock on wood
  9. bei mir bist du schen

Party Band

Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll Revival, Klezmer, Motown… many of your
all time favourites hits are performed by Kory and his dance band… The Fabulous Mercurys. Perfect for all happy occasions.

Kory can also arrange a DJ service to compliment all of his live performances!