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F A Q’s

What if our function is being held outdoors?

It doesn’t matter where your event takes place. Indoors or out. In the middle of the garden. In the middle of nowhere. “Have portable instruments. Will travel”.

What kind of music do you play?

The Greater Toronto Area is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the world. Your guests and clients will typically span many musical generations, specially at weddings. The versatility and talent of the “The Fabulous Mercurys” is such that we draw from a wide repertoire of music, and musical styles, which allows plenty of choices for all musical tastes. Just let me know if you are
looking for a particular flavour, otherwise, I only have to ” read ” the audience ( like I normally do) in order to see what
works. From jazz to classical; opera to rock; from klezmer to the tarantella; just name it …if they dance they like it. If they don’t dance that means they want us to play something different. That’s my job…solving problems… making sure that your event is an Extra Special One.

How can I be sure that the music will be of high quality?

I only use talented,world-class, award winning, professional musicians. They have studied and trained with and at, some of the most respected teachers and music schools in the world. The The Fabulous Mercurys, each one of us, have many, many years of experience playing with the best bands on the national and international stage.

Can you create custom-made song for our event ?

Yes! I do compose custom-made songs. If you need one created for a specific purpose, such as team building, employee acknowledgment or a convention etc. . You can even have copies of your song professionally produced on a beautiful CD. You can give it away as a unique gift for your clients and guests. Makes a great holiday gift !

What instruments do The Fabulous Mercurys Play ?

  1. Piano/organ/singer
  2. Lead guitar/singer
  3. Bass guitar
  4. Drums
  5. Soprano sax/alto sax/tenor sax/baritone sax/clarinet/flute
  6. Trumpet/singer
  7. Vocal diva

Can I have a smaller version of the band ?

Yes. You can choose from :

  1. a single, entertaining pianist-vocalist
  2. a trio
  3. a quintet…or whatever size will fit your needs