YOUR ADVANTAGES that come with with Kory’s music!

Kory’s Personal Guarantee

  1. If your guests or clients don’t absolutely love my
    band’s performance, I will personally & gladly, perform FREE at any future event you have.
  2. Music that makes you “Dance like no one’s watching ! “
  3. Elimination of the stress, worrying if your guests will have a good time or not, as you’ll be
    relaxed, knowing that you have experienced musicians in your corner.
  4. Glowing compliments on how fantastic the music was at the event that you planned.
  5. Entertainment that inspires your clients and guests.
  6. Extra-ordinary value for you entertainment dollar.
  7. Built-in MC/announcer/stage director.
  8. Praises from clients, colleagues and management for all the fun they had at your party.
  9. Acknowledgement, both of your talent and skill as a great event organizer, from staff and clients.
  10. Entertainers that play all types of music.
  11. Musicians who know what music to play, when to play it, and how to perform it with enthusiasm.
  12. Music that won’t deafen your guests.
  13. Music that will set any mood you need, be it for conversation, dinner or dance.
  14. Personalized help to co-ordinate the music with the event itinerary.
  15. Dedicated, experienced musicians who are there to make sure you are successful.
  16. A flexible band that is able to play indoors or out.
  17. A well organized band that is and set up well in advance of the arrival of your guests and clients.
  18. Free recorded music in between band sets, to keep the party atmosphere going.
  19. Highly trained, and skilled, professional musicians with a lifetime of experience performing music of the highest quality.
  20. Attention to non-musical details, which includes meeting with you, inspecting the venue, special requests etc.
  21. Accountability and integrity of “Pro’s”, who are members of the Toronto Musicians’ Association.
  22. A custom-made song for your event, composed by a professional songwriter.
  23. Successful band leader who makes you successful.
  24. Music to fit your budget, from a single entertaining pianist-vocalist, trio, full size dance band.
  25. Great music that makes the food taste better, the conversation lighter, and the fun more intense.
  26. A well equipped band complete with lights and hi tech P.A. system.